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article Do I need to use a fertiliser outdoors
Do I need fertilisers outdoors and what are some suggested soil conditioners?If your soil is good (rich in minerals good drainage ect)  and its not a permanent location, you might not even need to fertilise at all however itís suggested you add a little during the flowering cycle to give it a boost when...

  8-5-2007    Views: 15331   
article Stoneys Hash Browns
Ingredients 3 eggs1/2 onion 3-4 potatoes 1-2 carrots garlic salt lemon pepperhand full of cheesecanna butterDescription Hash Browns with canna butter1. To start with peel ya potatoes and carrot and great it all up and finely chop the onion and put in the middle of some muslin or a teatowel will do.2. Fold up all the...

  7-30-2007    Views: 5663   
article Canna Curried Snags
Ingredients - Sausages, 1Kg (preferrably plain pork snags).- Curry-powder, brand really doesn't matter (5 tablespoons).- CannaButter - 250g- Cream or preferrably, coconut-cream (600ml)- Green, yellow, organge and white vegtables (frozen or fresh - 1kg).- Stock (optional, usually use chicken or vegtable - 500ml).-...

  7-29-2007    Views: 5026   
article Creamy avocado and prawn sauce
Great for a steak sauce or can be served on a bed of rice as a main mealIngredients :2 avocado's10-15 prawns per person2 spring onions 1 cup of nice dry wine2 cloves garlic1 tub thickend creamsome canna-butterDirections :1. Finely chop your garlic and put in a frypan with a good amount of canna butter. 2. Add the...

  8-18-2007    Views: 8280   

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