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article Cloning the SukonmiSkunk way Step by Step
Heaps of people ask me how to take clones…when to take I have done this little tutorial. Propagation of cannabis can happen a few ways, as explained in Marijuana Botany, by Robert C Clark, an older book but I think its one of the best and every serious grower should have a copy. If you don’t have a...

  7-30-2007    Views: 15715   
article What is Tissue Culture
Tissue culture is a method of propagation using small bits of plant tissue. These bits are seperated from the plant and placed under sterile conditions in an artificial medium like agar. Given the right conditions the cells will continue to grow and divide. Cells in culture don't grow old as they are efectivly in...

  7-31-2007    Views: 6970   
article D.I.Y Building A Worm Farm.
Simple to make for about $25As you may or may not know a worm farm can be a great addition to ya back yard or grow area as the worm castings are a great source of nutrience and can be use to make a great seedling soil as SS has showed us in his Germination Tutorial and the worm juice that accumulates at the bottom...

  7-30-2007    Views: 9619   

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