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article How do I adjust my pH in my organic mix
Organic growers face all kinds of issues when it comes to finding substitutes for synthetic products available to do the same task. pH is something that we all have to worry about so here are some ways to control your pH if you are growing organically. To lower ph: acetic and citric acid works well . To raise ph: add...

  8-5-2007    Views: 6841   
article Do I need to use a fertiliser outdoors
Do I need fertilisers outdoors and what are some suggested soil conditioners?If your soil is good (rich in minerals good drainage ect)  and its not a permanent location, you might not even need to fertilise at all however itís suggested you add a little during the flowering cycle to give it a boost when...

  8-5-2007    Views: 15892   
article What is pH and why is it important?
pH ExplainedpH is a measure of the degree of the acidity or the alkalinity of a given solution as measured on the pH scale of  0 to 14. The midpoint of 7.0 on the pH scale represents  a "neutral" solution which is neither acid nor alkaline based. Numbers below 7.0 indicate an acidic base and...

  7-31-2007    Views: 12815   
article Harvesting Cannabis 101
Obviously one of the keystones to high quality cannabis is to harvest at the optimal time to achieve the desired results, be it either for use in medicinal cannabis, recreation and/or fibre & cannabis based foods. Watching cannabis trichomes The most accurate way to determine the optimal harvest time for a narcotic...

  7-30-2007    Views: 64954   
article Nutrient Problems with Pictures
For some reason, every time i find a decent nutrient problem solver, they dont have pics and when they do have images, they disapear after a week or 2 so now while i have one up, im downloading all the images, copying the text and making a copy for OzStoners so i hope you all find it helpfull or atleast an...

  8-6-2007    Views: 209813   
article What Mineral Elements Do Plants Need ?
When it comes down to it there are 20 mineral elements essential/beneficial for healthy plant growth  The following elements are supplied via the air and water Carbon (C)Hydrogen (H) Oxygen (O)    Macro-Nutrients The following Macro-nutrients are needed in high volumes though the required...

  1-16-2010    Views: 68784   

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