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Main Courses

Larger more substantial canna meals

article Canna Curried Snags
Ingredients - Sausages, 1Kg (preferrably plain pork snags).- Curry-powder, brand really doesn't matter (5 tablespoons).- CannaButter - 250g- Cream or preferrably, coconut-cream (600ml)- Green, yellow, organge and white vegtables (frozen or fresh - 1kg).- Stock (optional, usually use chicken or vegtable - 500ml).-...

  7-29-2007    Views: 5026   
article Green "Herb" Pasta

  3-30-2009    Views: 4381   
article Mushroom Sauce
Ingredients mushrooms (the pack i used was 375g)600ml cream garlic salt (fresh garlic is better but i ran out )pepper soy sauce corn flour canna butterDescription :: Cannabis Styles  1. Get a fry pan and melt about 4-5tbls canna butter and add about 2 cloves of garlic or 1 teaspoon of garlic salt and put add...

  7-29-2007    Views: 4991   
article Reef And Beef Canna Styles
Ingredients2 eye filet steaks thickness of a bacon slice2 bacon rashers 2 tooth picks bag of overcook chips 10 lrg prawns shells removed (i left tales on looks good)1 sml tub thickened cream half a packet fresh dill chicken stock cube 3 tbls canna butter 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp corn flour1/2 cup white wineDescription...

  7-30-2007    Views: 5954   
article Yabby, mushroom & Prosciutto fettucini
  Ingredients: FettuciniYabby's fresh (uncooked 1kg)3 cloves garlic1 jar capersmushrooms (im using 2 differant types but ordinary will be fine)1 bunch dill 1/2 cup canna butter15 thin slices prosciutto2 chilli's 1 lemondry white wine1. Get your canna butter and melt in a large fry pan and add your garlic and...

  3-30-2009    Views: 5339   

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