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THC Medicine & Cooking

Information & comments on extracting THC & other cannabinoids in cannabis for use with cannabis medicines & cooking. Cannabis tinictures, butter, ghee, cooking oil etc.

article Glycerine Cannabis Tincture 101
A quick and easy powerful glycerine based cannabis tincture to do it's as simple as pouring glycerine into a brown glass bottle, followed by your cannabis heads or hashish. Ingredients:5 grams x Bubble Hash (finely chopped)5 grams x Quality Cannabis Heads (finely chopped)1 x Glycerine (100ml)1 x Brown Glass Bottle...

  8-3-2007    Views: 24641   
article CannaButter Guide Part 1 ( The Creation )
1/2  Lb of Trim & 1-2 Ozís Of primo headsLarge Cooking Pot300- 500 grams of Butter ( use real butter you buy in sticks not tubbed margarine )Colander ( itís a kind of strainer  )Cheese cloth ( or stockings )10 Liters of WaterThick pair of gloves ( optional ) 1)    First we want to take a...

  8-4-2007    Views: 18229   


category The Cannabis Cookbook (40)
Information on cooking with cannabis for pleasure &/or medical cannabis

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