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Hashish & Cannabis Oils

Information & comments regarding Hashish and the extraction of THC & other cannabinoids for hash oils. See also "THC Medicine & Cooking"

article Pressing Hash with the Piecemaker Pocket-Press
 What you will need:Hash.Piecemaker Pocket-Press.2 x Pressing Foils.2 x Stamp Inlays.1 x Bench Vice.1 x Hair Dryer.The hair dryer and bench vice can be found in almost any household or hardware store, and the Piecemaker Pocket-Press and press inlays can be obtained through our affiliate sponsor EDI.Open the...

  7-28-2007    Views: 28683   
article Trichome Farming & The PieceMaker Process
An easy process to harvest trichome crystals from the waste of a cannabis crop.This is a really cheap and simple way to harvest crystals from the crap of the crop.. well not really crap as we will see.the grade of end product purely depends on the mesh in the silk. This mesh a little big as it lets a little green...

  8-1-2007    Views: 21532   

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