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DIY Building and Safety

Do it yourself guides to building some usefull components and some safety tips to help along the way

article Circuit Protection & General Electrical Safety
Circuit Protection & General Electrical SafetyIn Australia, all electrical works must be undertaken by a licensed electrician. Although this post is not meant to encourage people to start performing their own electrical works, I do recognise that there are a lot of people out there who do perform their own...

  8-4-2007    Views: 11787   
article Growing Indoors And Fire Extinguisher Safety
I know there's been plenty of times in the past 20 odd years of growing indoors when I have been worried about my house going up in flames due to something going wrong with electricity or over heating ect.The best way to use a fire extinguisher is to remember this P A S S.. Pull the Pin at the top of the...

  12-13-2010    Views: 11259   

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