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Growing guides , tips and techniques for the hydroponic cultivators

article Can I use Liquid a liquid pH tester
Liquid Ph test kits offer growers an inexpensive alternative to electronic probe pH meters and give results which are accurate enough to give you a basic idea of your pH range to help manage your crop.However one thing that you need to watch out for is that it actually tests and displays the pH range that your aiming for...

  7-31-2007    Views: 6728   
article Charts to convert ppm/EC/CF
One of the problems with conversing with Growers in different areas and with different equipment is that CF/ppm/EC meters will express different yet very similar measurements all effectively say the same exact thing it's just a case of what measurement you use The two levels expressed at either end of the columns...

  7-31-2007    Views: 104188   
article D.I.Y Cheap and Easy Feeder Rings
An cheap and easy step by step guide to making feeder rings for irrigationMaterials : Drill4mm Drill Bit 13mm Garden Hose 13mm T bar hose connector Lighter1. Cut a hose to size (this will depend on the pot size) and push the T bar joiner...

  7-30-2007    Views: 10552   
article DWC bubbler with integral SCROG
A combined DWC tub and SCROG screen for a single plant. What you will need  Light proof tub with well fitting lid (at least 20ltr capacity) 20mm pvc pipe for scrog frame (i used a total of 5x1m lengths) 4 x 90deg fittings (to suit pipe) 4 x 45deg fittings 4 x 'T' fittings 4 x end...

  8-6-2007    Views: 31934   
article Easy Recirculating Hydroponics Watering System
A brief tutorial on how to construct a basic recirculating hydroponics watering system.What you will need:3 x 100 litre bags of course grade perlite 1 x 50-60litre poly tub (for the reservior)16 x 25-30litre black poly pots (found at most hydro shops)20 x 13mm irrigation straight connectors16 x 13mm irrigation T...

  7-30-2007    Views: 25402   
article How to make a Bubble Cloner
This is a tutorial for a basic bubble cloner. Once you know the basic idea you can adapt it to your individual circumstances so rather than being extremely precise with measurements and equipment I will give you the general idea with lots of pics to help since as the old saying goes ‘one picture is worth a thousand...

  1-13-2010    Views: 44487   
article Hydroponic System Types
Through this tutorial we are going to break down some of the more popular growing methods and styles. But first what we would like to talk about are the two core reticulation patterns , Re-Circulating , and Run to waste. This tutorial is by no means the be all and end all of solutions for the described systems , as we...

  1-15-2010    Views: 59740   
article Re-circulating DWC Bucket System
This is hopefully an easy to read and simple to understand guide to building a 4 bucket Re-Circ Dwc system, although you can adjust it for as many buckets as you need. Maintaining the system will follow. Please note the control bucket in this tutorial is not lightproof but should be, this is for demonstration...

  1-13-2010    Views: 70628   
article Topping / Fimming a plant
Topping a Plant1. Locate the very top of your plant and cut through the main stem just below the newest growth. This should be done after the 3rd or 4th leaf set but can be done at any time after the 3rd leaf set.2. Shows Plant Top cut off and where the 2 new Branches that will form a "Y" in the main stem...

  4-2-2009    Views: 14333   
article Week by Week Grow Guide
WEEK BY WEEK GROW GUIDE……Ok I am assuming you have a couple of clones. If not you have to get some, can’t get any then you will have to plant some seeds and take clones. This takes a little time, so for now I will just assume you have them. I will explain my seeding and cloning method later on in my cloning...

  4-2-2009    Views: 62599   

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