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Cannaversity .: Cannabis Cultivation

Cannabis Cultivation

Information & comments on all aspects of cannabis cultivation for all it's uses being medicinal, recreational, hemp fibre, hashish & cannabis oils


category DIY Building and Safety (2)
Do it yourself guides to building some usefull components and some safety tips to help along the way
category Genetics & Cannabis (1)
Information & comments regarding the genetics of cannabis. Selective breeding for medicinal cannabis, recreational use, hemp fibre & cannabis oils
category Harvesting Cannabis (4)
Information & comments on the harvesting, drying, curing & storage of cannabis to produce high quality cannabis heads
category Hashish & Cannabis Oils (2)
Information & comments regarding Hashish and the extraction of THC & other cannabinoids for hash oils. See also "THC Medicine & Cooking"
category Hydroponics (10)
Growing guides , tips and techniques for the hydroponic cultivators
category Lighting & Electrical (9)
Got a question about lighting or electricals ? We may just have your answer, from HID to LED .
category Nutrients & Mediums (8)
Information & comments on hydroponic, organic nutrients, additives, growing media products, mixes, combinations & pH levels for the cultivation of cannabis
category Outdoor Cannabis (1)
Outdoor growing guides , tips and techniques
category Pests & Diseases (1)
Information & comments regarding pests & diseases associated with cannabis cultivation
category Propagating Cannabis (4)
Information & comments on the propagation of cannabis seeds. For information on cannabis breeding see "Cannabis Genetics"
category Stealth/Guerilla Growing (1)
For the growers that need to be extra hidden outdoors and indoors
category Ventilation & Odour Control (4)
Guides covering general growroom ventilation and odour control for those smelly ladies

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