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Basic Light for Compact fluorescent

 What you will need 

  • Light socket (Bayonet or Edison)
  • Two wire Pre made electric cord (or make your own)
  • Compact fluro ( match it to the socket)

Ok now this tutorial is very simple , cheap and all the materials are readily available at Bunnings. And you need no working knowledge of electrics to do it though it's advised that you take caution particularly when testing as with any electrical projects

Step 1
First thing we do as always is lay everything out in front of us like in the image bellow



Take apart your light socket so it is in 3 pieces as displayed bellow


Step 3
Cut your wire down a little to make it maneuverable and strip away a small amount of the insulation at the end to expose about a centimeter of naked wire at the end


Step 4
Put the end piece over the electrical wire , this is important to do now and not later cause itís not gonna be able to go on later  and you will have to dismantle the light to put it in place

Step 5
Take each of your wires and put them into the holes of the black segment of your light socket , where they go is pretty self explanatory and when there are only 2 wires involved it doesnít matter which wire you put in which hole provided they are separate , once each wire is in itís hole tighten the small screws on the side to hold the wires in place ,
After doing this you should have what is shown in the image below


Step 6
Screw on the last part of your light fitting and put the light in place , and now your all done


Step 7
Go put em in your grow room and have a smoke to congratulate yourself on how easy that was 

 written by Pure

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