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How much lighting do i need

Ideally you want to be aiming for around 50 watts per square foot however some people can't do this for various reasons and some are under the impression that the more that you use the better is a fact that has no limits. There are however maximums as well as minimums that you should stay within to not waste light or waste your time growing a spindly plant


 Minimum Lighting:
  To still be quite happy with your results it is recommended that you use a minimum of  25 watts of lighting per square foot


Optimum Lighting:

  The optimum lighting that you can offer to you plants is somewhere between 50 and 60 watts per square foot , many people lean towards the 50 side because itís easier to balance out with ventilation however if you have good enough ventilation mid 50ís  is a great range to shoot for .


Maximum Lighting:

  In normal situations you really shouldnít bother to use more than 60 watts per square foot, the reason for this is that cannabis does have a limit to how much light it can process into energy and 60watts per square foot is the borderline of usefulness. Now I mentioned earlier that this was for normal situations , what I meant by that is people that do not use Co2 gas enrichment or additives that are specifically designed as photosynthesis boosters which we are starting to see more and more on the market these days .

   Provided you have the correct ventilation you are not going to hurt your plants by going higher than 60 watts per square foot, however without using some sort of additive or system that increases the plants ability to photosythesise it is the opinion of available testing that you are wasting light and electricity. This figure will change as time progresses and more advanced additives are created, there are already some foliar sprays that act as a booster for the plants photosynthesis cycle and with time I am sure we will see more and more advancements .

  We have created a grow room calculator which is available at the link below and will give you a minimum, optimum and maximum requirement guideline for lighting and ventilation to handle that lighting.

OS Grow Room Calculators 

 Tutorial written by Pure for 

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