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High Bay Light Conversion

Converting a high bay light to a remote ballast grow light
Warning / Disclaimer: This procedure should only ever be carried out by a professional electrician

  • 1 High bay light
  • 1 5-10m extention cord
  • 1 mountable 3 pin plug
  • Some screws
  • Some heat resistant tape for around the terminals


You ever seen one of these at a garage sale and thought "Well $2 for a light is a good price but I don't think I can grow anything with it"? Well let me show you how to convert it into a remote ballast so you can.

1. First you got to make sure it is a light you can grow with anyway as some of these high bay lights are mercury vapour, and I don't think they any good so look for this label to make sure its a Metal Halide ballast.


2. Now get your stuff together and start taking out the screws that are in the ballast cover.


3. Once all the screws are out open her up and you can see all the inside components.


4. Now unscrew the lamp holder at the end of the ballast and be careful not to pull the wires out. Here's a tip to remember which screw goes where, take a picture with your camera and that way when you stop for a few hotties you won't need to remember.


5. Now attach the wires to the 3 pin plug and then attach it to the front of the ballast. You may need to drill some new holes.


6. Now that's the ballast done so screw it all back together again and put it aside.


7. Now all you need to do is cut the socket end off the extension cord, strip the wires and attach the lamp holder and then your pretty much done.


8. As you can see from the above image we have some wire exposed so wrap some heat resistant tape around the terminals at the end of the lamp holder to prevent being electrocuted whilst the lamp is on  .

So its that easy now go get a new globe and you got yourself a great 400w MH to veg under.

Warning / Disclaimer: This procedure should only ever be carried out by a professional electrician 


by Stoney
editor: Oz

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