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Trichome Farming & The PieceMaker Process

An easy process to harvest trichome crystals from the waste of a cannabis crop.

This is a really cheap and simple way to harvest crystals from the crap of the crop.. well not really crap as we will see.
the grade of end product purely depends on the mesh in the silk. This mesh a little big as it lets a little green matter through.... 100micron is a good all around size mine is a bout 120.

The kit, simple and cheap. A bucket, a cordial bottle with the bottom cut off and a piece of silk about 120microns.
Get the DRY head leaf and mulch it with your hands then pass it through a normal kitchen sieve to get rid of most the stalk. It’s already been done in this shot, there is about 1 ˝ ounces.


Put the sieved head leaf in the cordial bottle, leaving the lid on.


Cover the bottle with the silk and holding it tightly shake it until the powder (trichome crystals) stop falling through. You can test this by smearing your finger across the powder while shaking to see if any is still falling.


Pretty simple that's it all done! This powder is great for cooking with use a tea spoon of this in your hot chocolate to guarantee a nice nights dreaming and you wake up feeling great.You can hand roll this to make the infamous Hashish Royale, or press it for a nice Moroccan taste and feel.

Here we look at pressing the hash powder (trichome crystals).


Get the disc and assemble the press, making sure the paper is on the powder side of the disc so you can separate the disc from the block. Spoon the powder into the press. Replace the bottom piece and screw on tightly. I just use my hands that seems to work fine. You can heat the end a bit if you like; it makes the block go nice and sticky.


After about 10 mins you’re done. Unscrew the bottom of the press and screw your block out. Peal the paper off carefully so you don’t damage the print.

A nice size block, weighing 3.7 grams. Not too bad for just over an ounce of cannabis LEAF.


Here’s a nice pic with the buds the leaf came from, the strain is called White Heaven.
The hash press is the “Piecemaker”.
Sells for about $200US. The discs are about $15US each.


and now just choof... happy dayz...

editor: Oz
written by SukonmiSkunk

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