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D.I.Y Cheap and Easy Feeder Rings

An cheap and easy step by step guide to making feeder rings for irrigation

Materials :
  • Drill
  • 4mm Drill Bit
  • 13mm Garden Hose
  • 13mm T bar hose connector
  • Lighter


1. Cut a hose to size (this will depend on the pot size) and push the T bar joiner onto each end. Using a lighter to help soften up the ends will make this easier.


2. Drill holes with a small drill bit i used about a 4mm bit and drill holes as shown in the picture below. Drill on a downward angle so that when they are turned over the water will come out at a downward angle.


That's about it folks just attach a garden hose to test and they're all ready. Depending on what pump is being used for the irrigated garden if the water flow is to high the pump can be adjusted or bigger holes drilled in the feeder rings.


It should be noted that triple flex black PVC hose can also be used but ordinary garden hose is often cheaper and just as effective.

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