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D.I.Y Building A Worm Farm.

Simple to make for about $25

As you may or may not know a worm farm can be a great addition to ya back yard or grow area as the worm castings are a great source of nutrience and can be use to make a great seedling soil as SS has showed us in his Germination Tutorial and the worm juice that accumulates at the bottom of your worm farm can be used as a foliar spray once added to some soda water ya plants will love it


  •  1 fully sealed fish box or similar
  • 2 Broccoli tubs or similar
  • 1 heshen bag
  •  box of worms from hardware store
  •  soil (i used half garden soil half potting mix with alittle compost mixed in)
  • 1 newspaper or shredded paper if you can get it

Step 1: you can get your containers from most vegy shops and the fish box most seafood places will have them but they are better to get from a vegy joint as well as they don't smell or need cleaning out.


Step 2: get the two broccoli tups and punch more drainage holes in the bottom of it i used a chop stick to do this and worked really well


Step 3: get your heshen bag and cut two pieces from it to fit the bottom of each broccoli tub.


Step 4: get your news paper and rip into small piece and line the bottom of each broccoli tub with it.


Step 5: Now get your soil mix and fill tubs about 3/4 of the way to the top and add half a box of worms to each broccoli tub.


Step 6: in a fairly dark corner place the fish box on the ground and the stack the other 2 boxes on top of it. The last thing to do is pour about a litre of water over it put the lid on and ya all done.


What to feed: Well worms will eat alot of things and dont forget you probably wont see them for a few weeks as they will be eating the newspaper so some other things u can feed them.

  • Kitchen vegy scraps peel is great
  • Crushed egg shells
  • Small amounts of lawn clippings
  • Most animal manure
  • Eggs
  • Grated Cooking Chocolate (i have yet to try this one but another member of OSA told me they love it)

Now the easiest way to get the juice is to simple lift off the top 2 boxes and you will see the liquid that has collected in the bottom box simple give this a mix with a spoon and i use 10-20ml per 500ml of soda water as a foliar spray.

cheerz all and may all our worms be fat and happy

Tutorial writen by Stoney for 

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