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D.I.Y Carbon Filter


  • 1m piece of 200mm PVC pipe
  • 1.2m 120mm PVC pipe
  • 2 X 200mm PVC pipe end caps
  • 1 120mm PVC pipe end cap
  • 1 Pair ladies stockings
  • .5m Welded cage wire or similar
  • .5m wool Wadding or synthetic
  • 1 can plastic spray on primer
  • 1 can black spray paint
  • 1 piece sand paper (not too coarse)
  • Glue Strong hold
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    Step 1: Get your 120mm pipe and mark out evenly spaced holes along it leaving one end with about 30cm with no holes and the other end with about 5cm. once marked out drill the hole with quiet a large drill bit.


    Step 2: Get your 200mm pipe and again evenly mark out where your holes will go leaving about 10cm at the top and bottom with no holes once done drill holes i used a 4cm hole cutter for mine.


    Step 3: Get your 120mm pipe and cover with 1 leg of the stockings and tie at one end then do the same with the other leg but starting with the opposite end so that you tie off at the other end. (if using thicker stockings you may only need 1 layer)


    Step 4: Wrap your cage mesh around the outside of your pipe very tight and cut to size then cut off another 2-3 inches so that it will fit inside your pipe. Once it fits wire it up so that it says in that shape.


    Step 5: Wrap your inner cage in the wadding and trim wadding to size.


    Step 6: Get the endcaps together and the 120mm one gets glued into the 200mm and the other 200mm gets a 120mm whole cut out of the middle. Just us the 120mm pipe as a guide when marking out the hole.


    Step 7: Get your outer tube and give a really good sand off making sure you get the holes nice and smooth once done spray with 3 coats of primer and do the same with the end caps once the primer is dry spray with 3 coats of black paint and the same with te end caps.


    Step 8: Once the paint is all dry put some glue in the end cap that has the 120mm one glued into it and attach to the end of your filter and slide in your cage wrapped in wadding it should be a tight fit but still go in easy.


    Step 9: Now insert your inner tube it will sit in the 120mm end cap nicely no need to glue once this is done fill the gap between your inner tube and outer tube with your carbon mine took 3kg. make sure to move around the filter whie filling to evenly fill it and also stop every now and then and bang it a few times on the ground to make sure it fills properly. Once full add the rest of your left over wadding into it to seal the carbon.


    Step 10: Put on the left over end cap with the whole cut out and use some sealant to cover any gaps the last thing to do is screw in some cup hooks so that you can hang it easy.


    And there you have your finished carbon filter


    The origional design for this filter was off Planet Skunk and was done by Thursday all i have done is tweaked the design abit and put it on here so we would have our own tute

    Now if you went out and bought all the materials for this then you would be looking at about $120 or so but the piping can be found at the tip and most people have some sealant and glue in the house and hey just pinch a pair of ya ladies stocking

     Tutorial written By Stoney for

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