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Pressing Hash with the Piecemaker Pocket-Press

 What you will need:
  • Hash.
  • Piecemaker Pocket-Press.
  • 2 x Pressing Foils.
  • 2 x Stamp Inlays.
  • 1 x Bench Vice.
  • 1 x Hair Dryer.

The hair dryer and bench vice can be found in almost any household or hardware store, and the Piecemaker Pocket-Press and press inlays can be obtained through our affiliate sponsor EDI.

Open the bottom of the Piecemaker slide in your first press inlay (in this case the ying and yang sign) and then the pressing foil as shown in the below images. Notice the other press inlay (leaf pattern) and pressing foil ready to go in on top once we have filled it with the hash to press.

PMloading1  PMloading2

 Now pour in the hash you are pressing and place in the other pressing foil, then the press inlay with the pattern facing in as shown in the below images.

 PMloading3 PMloading4

Now screw the press down with your hands as tight as you can get it and wait 10 seconds then repeat till you can't screw it down anymore. Grab your hair dryer and warm the end with your compressed hash inside, once warm hold the Piecemaker in your vice firmly and screw down as far as you can with it now secured in the vice and slightly warmed. This should give you a compression of around 3000kpa. Let it sit for a few minutes at maximum compression before releasing the pressure and opening the bottom. Once the bottom is unscrewed carefully screw the tap in again till your compressed hash slides out as shown below.


PMpressing     PMpressed


Now just peel off the pressing foils and your all done!

 piecemleaf    piecemleafpeeled


PMhleaf     PMhyingyang



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