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article D.I.Y Building A Worm Farm.
Simple to make for about $25As you may or may not know a worm farm can be a great addition to ya back yard or grow area as the worm castings are a great source of nutrience and can be use to make a great seedling soil as SS has showed us in his Germination Tutorial and the worm juice that accumulates at the bottom...

  7-30-2007    Views: 9071   
article Nutrient Problems with Pictures
For some reason, every time i find a decent nutrient problem solver, they dont have pics and when they do have images, they disapear after a week or 2 so now while i have one up, im downloading all the images, copying the text and making a copy for OzStoners so i hope you all find it helpfull or atleast an...

  8-6-2007    Views: 205247   
article How much lighting do i need
Ideally you want to be aiming for around 50 watts per square foot however some people can't do this for various reasons and some are under the impression that the more that you use the better is a fact that has no limits. There are however maximums as well as minimums that you should stay within to not waste...

  8-5-2007    Views: 14415   
article Feeding Frequency & Volume Guide
A very common question for new growers is how often should I feed and how much should I feed ? Really this is a vital thing to work out early on because it helps you judge what size reservoir you may need to last those 4 days you may be away during your grow etc. Probably one of the most common issues new growers have...

  1-16-2010    Views: 20931   
article Easy Recirculating Hydroponics Watering System
A brief tutorial on how to construct a basic recirculating hydroponics watering system.What you will need:3 x 100 litre bags of course grade perlite 1 x 50-60litre poly tub (for the reservior)16 x 25-30litre black poly pots (found at most hydro shops)20 x 13mm irrigation straight connectors16 x 13mm irrigation T...

  7-30-2007    Views: 24312   
article The Germination Process
SukonmiSkunk  put together this little tutorial to show how the seeding process goes... so here we go....Day 1just fill a glass with water and float how ever many seeds you wish to crack... I will be using these to make a fresh batch of seeds so I am planting out a few to see the consistancy and to chose some...

  7-29-2007    Views: 27050   
article Cloning the SukonmiSkunk way Step by Step
Heaps of people ask me how to take clones…when to take I have done this little tutorial. Propagation of cannabis can happen a few ways, as explained in Marijuana Botany, by Robert C Clark, an older book but I think its one of the best and every serious grower should have a copy. If you don’t have a...

  7-30-2007    Views: 14568   
article Hydroponic System Types
Through this tutorial we are going to break down some of the more popular growing methods and styles. But first what we would like to talk about are the two core reticulation patterns , Re-Circulating , and Run to waste. This tutorial is by no means the be all and end all of solutions for the described systems , as we...

  1-15-2010    Views: 51887   
article What Mineral Elements Do Plants Need ?
When it comes down to it there are 20 mineral elements essential/beneficial for healthy plant growth  The following elements are supplied via the air and water Carbon (C)Hydrogen (H) Oxygen (O)    Macro-Nutrients The following Macro-nutrients are needed in high volumes though the required...

  1-16-2010    Views: 65449   

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