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article Odourless PB & MJ Toasted Sammich
Ingredients 2 slices of breadoily peanut butter (100% peanuts stuff is best for the oil)cannabis - I used 1 tsp but adjust to personal taste Description Simple - A peanut butter sandwich with cannabis in the middle, toasted on both sides under a grill.1. Spread each slice of bread thickly with the peanut butter2....

  7-30-2007    Views: 4244   
article Stoner Texas Brownies
Cake:2 cups of self raising flour2 cups of sugar1/2 cup of canna butter1/2 cup of shortening/copha (you can leave this out if you don't have any just add some more butter)1/4 cup of unsweetend cocoa (the cadbury version is nicest)1 cup of strong brewed coffee (or one cup of strong coffee)1/2 cup of milk2 eggs,1 tsp of...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4393   
article Shortbread Canna Bites
Ingredients 250g Canna butter55g Caster sugar55g Icing sugar50g Corn flour300g Plain flour1/2tbs Vanilla essenceDescription :: Shortbread buttons with a kick Pre-heat oven to 180ºCSift dry ingredients & knead together with melted butter. Take level tablespoons of dough & place on an oven tray.Cook for...

  7-29-2007    Views: 8370   
article Stoneys Hash Browns
Ingredients 3 eggs1/2 onion 3-4 potatoes 1-2 carrots garlic salt lemon pepperhand full of cheesecanna butterDescription Hash Browns with canna butter1. To start with peel ya potatoes and carrot and great it all up and finely chop the onion and put in the middle of some muslin or a teatowel will do.2. Fold up all the...

  7-30-2007    Views: 5267   
article Clone of a Cinnabon
INGREDIENTS:• 1 cup warm milk (110 degrees F/45 degrees C)• 2 eggs, room temperature• 1/3 cup canna butter, melted• 4 1/2 cups bread flour• 1 tsp salt• 1/2 cup white sugar• 2 1/2 tsps bread machine yeast• 1 cup brown sugar, packed• 2 1/2 tbsp ground cinnamon• 1/3 cup cannabutter, softenedDIRECTIONS:1. Place ingredients...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4086   
article Reef And Beef Canna Styles
Ingredients2 eye filet steaks thickness of a bacon slice2 bacon rashers 2 tooth picks bag of overcook chips 10 lrg prawns shells removed (i left tales on looks good)1 sml tub thickened cream half a packet fresh dill chicken stock cube 3 tbls canna butter 2-3 cloves of garlic 1 tsp corn flour1/2 cup white wineDescription...

  7-30-2007    Views: 5494   
article Yabby, mushroom & Prosciutto fettucini
  Ingredients: FettuciniYabby's fresh (uncooked 1kg)3 cloves garlic1 jar capersmushrooms (im using 2 differant types but ordinary will be fine)1 bunch dill 1/2 cup canna butter15 thin slices prosciutto2 chilli's 1 lemondry white wine1. Get your canna butter and melt in a large fry pan and add your garlic and...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4889   
article Mushroom Sauce
Ingredients mushrooms (the pack i used was 375g)600ml cream garlic salt (fresh garlic is better but i ran out )pepper soy sauce corn flour canna butterDescription :: Cannabis Styles  1. Get a fry pan and melt about 4-5tbls canna butter and add about 2 cloves of garlic or 1 teaspoon of garlic salt and put add...

  7-29-2007    Views: 4562   
article Creamy avocado and prawn sauce
Great for a steak sauce or can be served on a bed of rice as a main mealIngredients :2 avocado's10-15 prawns per person2 spring onions 1 cup of nice dry wine2 cloves garlic1 tub thickend creamsome canna-butterDirections :1. Finely chop your garlic and put in a frypan with a good amount of canna butter. 2. Add the...

  8-18-2007    Views: 7851   
article Canna-Chip Biscuits
Ingredients :: 125g cannabutter1/4 cup sugar3 tablespoon condensed milkfew drops vanilla essense1 1/2 cup flour1 teaspoon baking powder1/2 cup chocolate chipDescription :: Easy Biscuit- that you can freeze tooCream butter, sugar, condensed milk and vanilla, until light and fluffy.Sift flour and baking powder...

  7-30-2007    Views: 5832   
article Canna-coco cookies
Ingredients :: 1 cup plain flour1 cup desiccated coconuthalf cup castor sugarteaspoon baking powderpinch salt1 egg (approx 60g)100 grams cannabutterDescription :: A tasty little cookie half way between a shortbread and a macaroonRecipe by BrashPreheat oven to 200Sift flour and mix dry ingredients. Add egg and softened...

  7-29-2007    Views: 5386   
article White Russian Cookies
The butter is POTENT. Containing 4oz of sugar trim and 5grms of prime buds into 500grms of organic butter it only takes me a teaspoon to get well and truly stoned and I've just had a whole cookie which is starting to work it's way into me -      

  4-3-2009    Views: 5833   
article Chocolate Biscuits of Doom
Ingredients:125 gm (1/2 cup) cannabutter1/4 cup castor sugar1 cup self-raising flour (or plain flour with 1/2 teaspoon each of baking soda and baking powder) (I used the SR)Pinch salt1/4 cup chocolate powder (drinking chocolate)1 tsp vanilla essence1-2 Tbsp milk (if mixture is too dry to shape into balls at the...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4977   
article Fresh Baked Bream
Ingredients 1 fresh bream for each person (i got these from me last fishing trip) half a bunch of dill 1 lemon bunch of silverbeat1 large piece of broccoli salt and pepperDescription served with steamed greens1. To start get ya fish and remove guts and head then lay on a large piece of foil and put 3 slices of lemon in...

  7-30-2007    Views: 2997   
article Miso Soup
Ingredients1 packet dried shitaki mushrooms (or fresh if ya can get them)4 tbls miso paste1 packet Wakami (seaweed)1 slab tofu4-5 spring onions2 tbls sesame oilThis will make enough for 2 people if serving more then double the recipe1. Get your dried shitaki mushrooms and soak them in boiling water if you can soak them...

  8-6-2007    Views: 6355   
article Canna Curried Snags
Ingredients - Sausages, 1Kg (preferrably plain pork snags).- Curry-powder, brand really doesn't matter (5 tablespoons).- CannaButter - 250g- Cream or preferrably, coconut-cream (600ml)- Green, yellow, organge and white vegtables (frozen or fresh - 1kg).- Stock (optional, usually use chicken or vegtable - 500ml).-...

  7-29-2007    Views: 4579   
article Black Pepper & Mushy Canna Sauce
Ingredients: 3 or 4 medium sized Mushrooms.(cleaned and sliced thinly)1/2 Onion.(sliced thinly)1 tsp crushed garlic.(or 2 cloves)Fresh Black Pepper.(as much as ya like)Pinch of salt.(for seasoning)60ml Red Wine.(optional)50g Canna Butter.(subbed for normal butter)30g Flour.(either plain or self raising)Roughly 400ml of...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4977   
article Fruit'n Nut Chocolate
First you`ll need to grab a tart/baking tray and sprinkle your favorite combination of nuts and some sultanas or dry fruit, then poor a 30ml bottle of cognac over them........(let them sit somewhere out of the way while you make the butter when you come back to them they will have soaked it up the grog nicely )FOR...

  3-30-2009    Views: 4331   
article A Chronology of Cannabis
2737 BC: Cannabis referred to as a "superior" herb in the world's first medical text, or pharmacopoeia, Shen Nung's Pen Ts'ao, in China1500 BC : Cannabis-smoking Scythians sweep through Europe and Asia, settling and inventing the scythe.1400 BC : Cultural and religious use of ganga or Cannabis , and charas...

  8-27-2007    Views: 47720   

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