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Fruit'n Nut Chocolate

First you`ll need to grab a tart/baking tray and sprinkle your favorite combination of nuts and some sultanas or dry fruit, then poor a 30ml bottle of cognac over them........
(let them sit somewhere out of the way while you make the butter when you come back to them they will have soaked it up the grog nicely happy.gif )

Grab all your leaf and scraps`n rezn covered maphs and run through it with some clean sheers/scissors.
(makes life easyer to work with it)

Weigh it (good to use at least a pound) and wack them in a BIG thisbig.gif pot.......

Then get some good quality butter and weigh out the same amount as the weed and chuck it in the pot aswell.....

fill the pot with cold water, put it on the stove at on high and put a lid on it ( fuckn reeks when it`s boiling)

Keep the water simmering for at least 8 hours (might have to top up with boiling water to make sure it doesn't evaporate)

after you`ve simmered that stinky goodness off for as long as you think (12+ is best) let it sit to cool down (not till cold)

Then grab a very fine sieve or stocking and ladle the still warm goodies into it (making sure the green water falls into a clean container)

After all thats over you can go back and finish ya chooff while the yummy green water chills in the fridge.......

Once the butter has set on the top of the water you can skim it off and squeeze out the remaining water that might be left in it.
BUTTER`S DONE DUDE thumbup.gif

Now for the yum part......... yahoo.gif

Grab some super nice Chocolate and break it up into a stainless steel or heat proof bowl, (make sure it`s dry) and put it over a small pot of simmering water.........

Once the chocolate is melted, add the butter to it and mix it in through - then poor the yummy mull chocolate over the fruit`n nut mix and let it set........

ENJOY peace.gif

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