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Green "Herb" Pasta

All you really need to know for the pasta is:

100g/1part plain flour (seasoned/optional) to 1 egg + 2 teaspoons of top quality olive oil.........and so on

Place the flour on a clean bench surface or in a fairly large mixing bowl, make a well in the center of it, then crack the egg(s) into that, followed by the oil...........then leave it for a sec.......... but only while ya get the rest together
This makes the pasta dough.....

Now to make it special

Grab 3g of fresh nice tasty buds (for each 100g flour) and put it in a mortar`n pestle along with enough good olive oil just to lubricate it and a small pinch of salt, then grind it to a paste..........(should get just under 1 table spoon from 1 gram)

Then add the paste to the pasta dough mix and work it all together until the dough is elastic feeling with a smooth glossy surface........
once thats done the dough is ready

It can be rolled out and cut to ya desired size/shape or thickness.......but I recommend rolling it to at least 2mm thick..........

Cook in boiling water for about 4 mins or till it stretches like elastic ........
Then serve with what ever sauce you like




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